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Title: Next time
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Dir en grey
Claim: Kaoru Niikura x Toshimasa Hara
Prompt: Franco Sansalone (Yoko Kanno) - Next time
Word Count: 1351
Rating: FR18
Warnings: Smut… If that counts as a warning
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Author's Notes: Made for fic_cd_mix challenge. It’s the end of the weekdays and the end of the challenge! Thank God It’s Friday! Enjoy your weekend!
Link to table: here

“Kaoru?” Toshiya peeked from the door, “Will you come to the bed soon?”

The leader, who had been brooding in front of his laptop for hours, merely nodded. Toshiya knew that nod means Kaoru only half-listened to him. So he moved closer and touched Kaoru’s shoulder. “Kaoru, come on, it’s so late already.”

“Just a moment,” Kaoru cast a swift glance to him, “I’m this close to wrapping up…”

“But you’re stuck?”

A sigh answered his question.

“Then you should go to sleep for now.”

“No, no, just a bit more…”

However, that ‘bit more’ didn’t seem like it will come soon. Toshiya could tell from the blank look on the other man’s face. So this is the time for him to act his ‘wife’ role and stop his ‘husband’ from overworking himself to no avail.

He started with taking Kaoru’s glasses off and continued with taking the pencil from Kaoru’s hand. Kaoru refused to let the pencil go at first, but Toshiya glared at him and the grip went loose. Then he motioned with his head for Kaoru to turn his laptop off. This was one of the rare moments where Kaoru could actually look like a sad puppy.

In the end, Kaoru obeyed anyway.

Wrapping an arm around Toshiya’s waist, Kaoru walked together with him to the bedroom. The light wasn’t turned on in the first place, so they just went straight to laying on the bed. After all, they’re already in their shirts and boxers.

But as he thought, he couldn’t fall asleep easily. Ah this is not good. He needed something to take his mind away from the unfinished song—.

“Oh come on, Kaoru, stop mulling over it!” Toshiya’s scolding stare met his eyes.

“Hey, I can’t help it! It’s in my blood type!” Kaoru defensively said.

Toshiya groaned and turned his body around, back-facing Kaoru, “Seriously, why do I even bother waiting for you…”

Staring from the back, Kaoru could make out the outline of Toshiya’s surprisingly curved body. From his neck, all the way down to his hips and long legs… Hmm, his neck. His naked, defenseless neck, thanks to the shaved side of his head.


I ignored him and continued my attack.

“Hey, Kaoru, I thought we were going to sleep…”

“You were the one who made that conclusion by yourself,” He proudly stared at the red mark he just made on Toshiya’s neck. “I can’t sleep when I’m only half-finished with my work, remember? Need to work on something else to distract me.”

Toshiya tried to get free from his arms that are wrapped tightly around him. But really, how could he lose to those half-hearted attempts? In fact, it merely encouraged him to sneak his hands inside Toshiya’s shirt, sliding up and down the smooth expanse of abs.

“Kaoru, I feel sleepy…”

“Don’t worry, just let me do all the work.”

Toshiya groaned, “And why do you have to mention the word ‘work’ again? What a turnoff…”

“You’re turned off? Are you sure?” Kaoru began to rub the twin nubs, eliciting short gasps from Toshiya, “Because from what I hear, it’s totally the opposite.”

“Shut u—ufh!!” Toshiya was caught off guard when his face was pushed onto the pillow. His shirt was raised above his chest and Kaoru didn’t wait before tracing his tongue all the way down his spine. “Would you stop pushing me like that!?”

“Because, dear Toshiya, sometimes you talk too much.”

“You were upset when I didn’t talk to you last week,” Toshiya turned his head and stuck his tongue out from behind his shoulder.

“This and that are different… now shush,” Without any notice, Kaoru took Toshiya’s boxers off with one swift motion. Again, Toshiya didn’t expect for the next step to come so soon. Kaoru was already down there, tongue lubricating his hole.

“Nnh! Ah… Kao—Ah! What… happen… to foreplay?”

Kaoru pulled his tongue out, “You said you were sleepy. So why don’t we finish as soon as possible?” Then he stuck it in again. Toshiya snapped his head upward and moaned more. His growing arousal felt hurt, confined between his own body and the bed since Kaoru held his hips down firmly.

Luckily, Kaoru seemed to notice his problem and brought his hips up so that Toshiya’s lower body is raised, supported by his knees. Ah, why is Toshiya’s ass so damn perfect? He reconfirmed the smoothness by sliding his fingers across. Peeking between his legs, Kaoru grinned when he saw Toshiya’s hardened member.

“Oh? You’re dripping already? And I thought you were turned off.”

He only got a whine as a response, so he teased more. He slipped his tongue between the open legs to the balls, making Toshiya jerked weakly, “Kaoru… don’t…”

“Don’t worry, Toshiya,” He chuckled, “I myself can’t wait…”

Wasting one moment of lowering his boxers and another of positioning himself, Kaoru refused to waste even another second and thrust his member inside Toshiya.

“Nnhhh!!” Toshiya gripped the bed sheet in pain. No matter how many times they do this, the initial pain was always the worst. But Toshiya could only submit since he knew Kaoru will make him feel better. Much better.

After confirming that Toshiya’s alright, Kaoru began their rhythm of pleasure. He pulled out and pushed in, steadily increasing the speed and energy put into it.

Under him, Toshiya felt like melting into the bed. Kaoru hit deep inside him over and over again, even his sweet spot was touched in the most blissful way. The way Kaoru licked and bit all over his neck and back was simply overwhelming. “Ah… Kao…!” He was near, so near. He was sure that he would come soon even without Kaoru touching his neglected member.

But he was surprised when suddenly hot seeds filled him. Kaoru moaned his name loudly and continued to shoot inside him for a while. When it was over, Toshiya muttered shakily, “Kaoru… please… touch me…”

The leader took some moments to catch his breath, making Toshiya impatient and reached out to his painful hardness. Just then Kaoru’s hand stopped his.

“No, not yet.”

“Huh…? What…?” A single nudge inside him made Toshiya realized one scary fact. Kaoru was still hard. “Are you a monster!? I thought you said you want to finish as soon as possible!”

Without pulling out of Toshiya, Kaoru grabbed Toshiya’s hip and thigh, turning him around with unbelievable strength so that Toshiya lay flat on his back.

“Well, blame yourself for stopping me from working. Like you say, I’m a workaholic, so…”

“Don’t drag other people into your—Aangh!”



He woke up very wide-eyed. There it is. There’s the missing part of his song. It’s all in his head now, playing from the beginning. At the end of the tune in his head, his eyes fell to the person curled up inside his arms.

‘It happens again,’ Kaoru thought. He never knew whether Toshiya is actually one manipulative spooks of all new ideas, or simply being himself.

There were a lot of times Kaoru would feel stuck with his music. There were a lot of times where Toshiya would come up and disturb his effort to continue working. Most of the times, it would lead to sex. In the mornings after, ideas sprung to life. Sometimes, those ideas come sooner and Kaoru forgot to sleep.

Too coincidental to be coincidences. But he didn’t want to think about it further because he had to return to the song right away.

…Not before he gave his deep morning kiss to Toshiya, of course.

It wasn’t long before Kaoru’s muse whined and opened his eyes. “Oh quit it, Kaoru…” Still sleepy and sore, the annoyed Toshiya pushed him a little. Kaoru merely grinned. It’s not entirely his fault that he couldn’t stop himself from ravishing Toshiya all night long. The bassist practically brought it upon himself.

But anyway, he’d leave Toshiya to restore his energy for now while he himself completes his song.

Maybe later he would think about the weird coincidences.

Jinx, hex or kinks…

Or simply blessings?

The end~
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