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Dir en grey / Kaoru x Toshiya / Hikari - Fic_CD_Mix

About Dir en grey / Kaoru x Toshiya / Hikari

Previous Entry Dir en grey / Kaoru x Toshiya / Hikari Mar. 30th, 2009 @ 02:39 pm Next Entry
Title: Hikari
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Dir en grey
Claim: Kaoru Niikura x Toshimasa Hara
Prompt: Utada Hikaru – Hikari
Word Count: 1194
Rating: FRT
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Author's Notes: Beta-ed by yohaly @ aarin forum. Made for fic_cd_mix
Link to table: here


And darkness.

No matter how much he turned and turned to see, his eyes couldn’t make it past the sheer blackness.

What now? Should he wait? Should he move his feet and start to wander?

Ah, wait. There’s a light. It was very dim at first he almost missed it. But then it grew brighter.


And there was a voice? “…Kaoru…”


He snapped his eyes open, feeling dazed and confused, “Huh?”

“Your cell phone had been ringing since forever!” Toshiya’s sleepy and annoyed face hovered above me, “Answer it or shut it down!”

Still in his disoriented state, Kaoru faintly heard his loud ringtone. Ah, the sleeping Toshiya couldn’t ignore it and decided to wake him up. Still grumbling, the bassist shoved the cell phone in his hand and walked out of the bedroom. Kaoru just had to smile, knowing now that Toshiya’s awake at this hour, he would’ve feel hungry and must eat something before going back to sleep.

The music broke his train of thoughts and he hurriedly glanced at the waiting call. Hm? A call from home?


When he finished with the call, Toshiya is already sitting in front of the television, watching an early morning show absentmindedly while chewing his snack.

“You’re free next week, right?”

“I’m only free if you say so, remember…” Toshiya yawned, not bothering to look at the other man when he sat next to him, “Damn you and your dictatorial attitude.”

“Well, then I say you’re free.”

“So what, you’re taking me for a date?” He rolled his eyes at his own words. As if the leader would take him out for a date. Always have something to work on. Even on their free days.

“If a trip to my parents’ house is a date, then yes.”

“Hmm… EH??” He jerked his head towards the other man. When Kaoru didn’t say anything, he asked, stuttering, “W-what did you just say?”

“I’m taking you to my parents’ house.”

“Wha—you—I… Wait!”

Kaoru shrugged, “I’m waiting.”

Toshiya glared at him because he hated it when Kaoru acts like a smartass, “Don’t I get any saying in this?”

“You mean you don’t want to go?”

He opened his mouth and closed it again, feeling a bit lost and confused. If he says ‘It’s not like that’, is it really like that? If he says ‘I don’t wanna’…Argh, even his own thoughts confused him.


The bassist stared at him hesitantly, before turning his head at the television. Kaoru sighed and smiled at the same time.

People say that Kaoru’s the worrywart. But now Toshiya is obviously the one more fitted to the title. Being together for years now, Kaoru could guess them. These are probably the thoughts in his mind right now:

Why is Kaoru taking me?

Is he planning on introducing me to his parents?

Is he nuts?

They will kick us out—No, they will kick ME out!



Obviously, his voice broke the mess inside Toshiya’s head. But the tall man still refused to face Kaoru’s words and tried to focus his attention on the television. Kaoru glanced at the electronic box—nothing interesting. In fact, it was a very old drama series rerun that he knows Toshiya would’ve paid no attention to.

Gently, Kaoru touched Toshiya’s cheek and turned his face towards him. Apparently, him smiling annoyed Toshiya, “What.”

“You’re thinking too much.”

He frowned in disbelief, “You’re thinking too less!”

“Listen, it’s my niece’s birthday next week. My parents wanted me to come, and I say I’ll bring someone.”

“Kaoru—,” Toshiya swallowed a huge lump in his throat, “They think you’re going to bring your lover.”

“Well, I am,” Now it was Kaoru’s turn to frown, “They’re excited, so we can’t disappoint them, yes?”

“How could you—,” Ah damn, he’s going to cry. It’s too much of a sudden pressure, “I’m sure you didn’t even mention my gender.”

Much to his displease, Kaoru merely shrugged and talked as if it’s something of little concern, “They will know when we get there.”

Toshiya felt something else making its way to his head. It’s hot and dizzying. Anger. He threw the nearest pillow he could reach at Kaoru, who was totally off-guard and got hit square on the face. “Asshole! Insensitive, selfish prick!”

Quickly, Kaoru regained his composure and tried to calm the tall man. “Hey, hey…” He intended to embrace Toshiya, but the man pushed him away and moved away from him as far as possibly allowed by the corner of the couch. Again he tried to focus on the absolutely uninteresting show on the television.

“Toshiya, turn off the television and look at me.”

When Toshiya didn’t make any move to do so, he reached the remote himself and pressed the power button. Still refusing to acknowledge him, Toshiya threw his face to the other direction.

This time, Kaoru mulled over a better approach. He scooted closer, touching the tip of his fingers to Toshiya’s naked thighs, thanks to the boxers. Slowly yet reassuringly, he placed a trail of kisses on the smooth curve of Toshiya’s neck. The tall man squirmed away at first, but quickly succumbed, which is a good sign.

“Are you worried?”

“…Aren’t you?”

“Somehow I’m sure they’ll like you anyway.”

He fell silent again, and Kaoru took the chance to wrap his arms around him and pecked his lips, urging Toshiya to speak his worries. It worked.

“What if they hate me…? What will happen to us?”

“Why are you acting like someone who can see into the future?”

“Oh sheesh, Kaoru!” Toshiya raised his hands, ready to push Kaoru again.

“Ok, ok, don’t get angry!” He hurriedly said.

“…I’m just thinking of the worst possible outcome, you know.”

“You’re thinking too far,” Kaoru laughed and shook his head, “Why don’t we talk about something that will happen soon like…” He pondered while moving naughty strands of hair away from Toshiya’s face, “What do you want to eat for breakfast?”

The stare obviously said ‘Are you out of your mind?’

“Oh, yesterday you talked about pancakes. I think we have the ingredients in the fridge.”

He made a move to stand up when suddenly Toshiya’s fingers clutched the hem of his shirt. The expression on his face is a mix of fear, worry and nervousness towards both Kaoru’s plan and Kaoru’s current action. Toshiya was probably seriously thinking that the guitarist had gone insane.

“Look, Toshiya…” Kaoru planted another kiss to ease Toshiya’s tenseness, “Whatever happens, happens, and I want to go through it with you.”


“I’m here, remember? And I’ll be with you at any time.”

Toshiya’s face reddened a bit, but he scoffed to cover his embarrassment, “That doesn’t make me feel less worried.”

Kaoru laughed goodheartedly, “Now, go back to your beauty sleep. I’ll make sure the pancake will be ready when you wake up.”

Toshiya just had to smile at that. Kaoru’s right. Kaoru will be there next to him.

“Carry me to the bed?”

“Anything, my prince.”

“Make love to me?”

“…I’m awfully tempted to. But what about the pancakes?”

“You can make them after…”

The end~
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Date:October 23rd, 2009 06:37 pm (UTC)
*added to memories*

AWWWWW! DAWWWWWWW! OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH THAT I'M COMPLETELY AT LOSS FOR WORDS! :D I LOVE SCARED!TOTO AND REASSURING/LOVING!KAO KAO!!!! IT MAKES MY HEART SQUEEZE IN A TINY PRESSURIZED DOT AND MAKE ME FEEL GOOD :D Everything is so full of domesticity and a solid couple in which the partners know each other perfectly, with all their little specific routines, or their wandering thoughts when they don't want to speak about, EVERYTHING!
Date:October 24th, 2009 01:24 am (UTC)
Glad you like it ^^ Domestic!Love is so much love, isn't it? :D
They're so married that everything seems so natural. Even Kaoru doesn't feel worried about people's reaction anymore!
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